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طقم إصلاح الأنبوب الداخلي لإطارات الدراجات - رُقع ذاتية اللصق

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سعر الخصم: 19.00 SAR

Special product, ابتكارات Special product, اصدار جديد Special product, مخفض قطع أخيرة إضفاء طابعك الشخصي صديقة للبيئة التوصيل في نفس اليوم

شحن مجاني عند تسوقك بقيمة $30أو أكثر

تتيح لك مجموعة الرقع ذاتية اللصق هذه سد الثقوب بسرعة لتحقيق أقصى استفادة من ركوب الدراجة.

يتكون من 8 رُقع ذاتية اللصق لإصلاح الثقوب بدون محلول الـ vulcanising .

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سعر الخصم: 19.00 SAR

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A photo of the طقم إصلاح الأنبوب الداخلي لإطارات الدراجات - رُقع ذاتية اللصق in use


فعال بنسبة 100٪ على جميع أنواع أنابيب الإطارات Butyl الداخلية.

سهولة الاستخدام

رقُع لاصقة فعالة شبيه للقطع اللاصقة التقليدية للإطار الداخلي.

سهل التجميع/ التفكيك

سهل الالتصاق وسريع الاستخدام.

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طقم إصلاح الأنبوب الداخلي لإطارات الدراجات - رُقع ذاتية اللصق
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Self stick patch

Not used on my bike but used on grandsons and no issues reported.

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Easy to use and so far absolutely no problems with the repair job. Fast efficient at Decathlon click and collect as well.

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Perfect ❤

Perfect it is for my bike

Perfect for out on the road

Love these patches. Punctures when you are out are a real pain. None of that messing with glue and waiting for it to go tacky. Keep these in my bag for during my commute.

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Good product

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Impossible to use, patch does not stick. Don't waste your money. Patches from the pound store does a better job.


These work great

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Good product


4 out of 4 patches failed as permanent repair

Use these ONLY if you need to get home and don't have a spare inner tube. Despite following the instructions and holding the patch in place for 5 minutes they have so far not permanently fixed any of 4 punctures - they just made the puncture a slow one so the tyre was down by the next morning every time. So though they can get you home in a pinch they're a waste of time as a permanent patch. It would be totally fair if they branded them as "emergency patches" - but they don't. Vulcanising solution and a rubber patch every time from now on.

Waste money

Don't waste your money whit this product!!! I bought it months ago and I used it to repair three different inner tubes. At the beginning those were ok, but unfortunately after one/two months all three inner tube were flat again!!! The glue peels off. Rubbish product, newer again!!!

Non-stick patches!!!!

What more can I say!!! These do not hold and so are useless for roadside repairs.

Do not seal

Much like a previous poster, I used up all 8 patches and when applying to the puncture location they go in lovely and look good. Pumped up the tubes and left overnight - everyone flat in the morning. Useless

I'm sorry to read that the patches did not stick. As long as the tube is clean and totally dry, the should remain in place. The need to be held and pressed in situ for between 3 to 5 minutes before being placed back in the tyre for inflation. I assume a normal bike pump was used to inflate them at the roadside. If a CO2 canister was used, then it will feel quite flat the next day. As I don't know these details, I simply want to make you aware of this.
To resume, if the innertube was clean and dry and you followed the installation instruction and you didn't use a CO2, then there may well be an issue with this box. Please contact the customer loyalty team to arrange a replacement set or a refund
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
The patches were leaking every time for me...

I've used up all the 8 patches and I didn't fix a single puncture successfully. I followed the instructions to the best of my understanding, but the patches were always leaking somewhere. It's nice not to have to wait 5 minutes for the glue to dry, but it's worth the wait if it actually fixes the puncture. Nothing beats a spare tube and and quick release wheels, though.

Hello. Thank you for leaving a review of these inner tube repair patches. It could be worth checking in with the workshop team at your local store to double check the application and see if they can advise as to why they are not holding. If there is a fault with the patches themselves, our friendly team will be happy to exchange for another repair kit.

MICHAEL, Road Cycling Leader, DECATHLON UK

Good product

I'm happy with the patch tube repair, easy to use and good quality. I recommend it!

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Bike kit

Unverified at the moment but good price for the priduct

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نصيحة من قبل أحد المستخدمين:

1. حدد موقع الثقب وقم بإزالة الأنبوب الداخلي.2. قم بتقوية المنطقة حول الثقب باستخدام ورق الصنفرة3. نظف وجفف هذه المنطقة جيدا4. ضع الرقعة ذاتية اللصق واضغط بقوة على المنطقة بأكملها لمدة 45 ثانية تقريبًا5. مرر ظفرك على الرقعة لزيادة قوتها اللاصقة6. ضع الأنبوب الداخلي في الإطار مرة أخرى والإطار في الجنط7. قم بنفخ الإطارات إلى مستوى الضغط الموصى به.


العمر الافتراضي الأمثل: 3 سنوات في درجة حرارة الغرفة (16-22 درجة مئوية ، 30-70٪ رطوبة) ، يتم حفظه بعيدًا عن الضوء المباشر ، في العبوة الأصلية.درجة الحرارة الدنيا للإصلاحات: + 10 درجة مئويةدرجة حرارة الاستخدام: -40 درجة مئوية إلى +65 درجة مئوية

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