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قرص أوزان مطاطي بمقابض 28 ملم - 20 كجم

السعر الاصلي:

سعر الخصم: 410.00 SAR

Special product, ابتكارات Special product, اصدار جديد Special product, مخفض قطع أخيرة إضفاء طابعك الشخصي صديقة للبيئة التوصيل في نفس اليوم

شحن مجاني عند تسوقك بقيمة $30أو أكثر

تم تصميم هذا القرص الحديدي (قطره 28 مم) من قبل مدربي رفع الأثقال وفريق التصميم لدينا.

أصبحت تمارين رفع الأثقال أسهل مع هذا القرص المغطى بطبقة من بالمطاط. يساعد طوق الغلق على طرفي البار على سهولة تثبيت وإزالة الأقراص الحديدية. ستحمي الطبقة المغطاة أرضياتك من الصدمات.

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سعر الخصم: 410.00 SAR

السعر الاصلي:

سعر الخصم:

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A photo of the قرص أوزان مطاطي بمقابض 28 ملم - 20 كجم in use


قرص أثقال من الحديد بطبقة مطاطية متينة للغاية بضمان لمدة 5 سنوات

مريح في الاستخدام

مقابض مريحة تجعل إمساك القرص أسهل.

حماية من الصدمات

تحمي الطبقة المطاطية أرضيتك وتقلل من الضوضاء.

سهولة الاستخدام

من السهل تثبيت وإزالة الأقراص باستخدام طوق الغلق الاستانليس (بقطر 28 ملم)

متعدد الاستعمال

تحول المقابض المريحة إلى دمبل حتى تتمكن من أداء المزيد من التمارين

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قرص أوزان مطاطي بمقابض 28 ملم - 20 كجم
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Good plates

Well made and ideal for 28mm bar

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Domyos Rubber Discs 20kg

Excellent quality

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Excellent weight plates


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Rubber 20kg disc

Great 20kg weight disc, perfect for our home gym!!!

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Excellent weight plates

Weights can be used for multiple exercises as well as put on the bar for bench press and squats. Good price when compared against the cast iron plates

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Brilliant weight

This is a well made weight plate. It feels well sturdy and the rubber coating is thick and offers great protection.


Big up your chest

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Same as before

Smae as before. Won't use decathlon for gym equipment

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Rubber weight discs

Good value sturdy and easy to handle. VFM.

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Great product

Does the job. Reasonably priced rubber coated wrights for a standard (not olympic) bar

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decent, wish they were bigger

good quality plates. would be perfect if the diameter is larger. I mainly use them with my barbell. but for doing hip thrusts, I couldn't fit my legs through underneath the bar because the diameter of the plates are too small for my thighs.

Hello Connie,

Thank you for supporting Decathlon Hong Kong. Your feedback is appreciated and it can motivate us to strive for outstanding service level and product quality.

Please also have a look at our standard olympic lifting bar, I'm sure it would fit your training if you are looking at doing hip-thrust. The 2M 20kg olympic weight lifting bar is compadible with all standard 50mm weight plates which you can also purchase online at

Weightlifting Bar 20 kg - 50 mm Diameter Sleeve


Weightlifting Bumper Disc 10 kg (We also have 5kg, 15kg, 20kg)

Happy CNY! Stay strong and healthy. 




Decathlon Hong Kong Fitness Team

good quality

looks professional like you have in gyms

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The plates are good

Using them everyday

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Good quality

Need proper gym mats/ flooring for home use. This will stain your tiled floor

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Too Costly

Selling weights at Rs 200\kg that too when it is imported from China is just outrageous. At Rs 150\kg it is a god deal.

Dear Sir,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to write a review of our product. It is because of your constant reviews that we are able to improve on our products and services and are able to cater better towards your needs.

The quality of the weight plates that are sold today in stores, match the global quality level, however we are already working on the process of making these plates and most of our products in India. We are currently having a trial run with the Made in India Products and we will soon have them in our stores.

If you require more assistance, you may contact us directly at

Thank you,


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  • 100% حديد

خارج الغطاء

  • 100% مطاط البوتادين

طقم كاملة

1.25 كجم2.5 كجم5 كجم10 كجم15 كجم20 كجم

وزن 1.25 كجم

القطر:145 ملمالسُمك: 17 ملم

وزن 2.5 كجم

القطر:180 ملمالسُمك: 20 ملم

وزن 5 كجم

القطر:252 ملمالسُمك: 32 ملم

وزن 10 كجم

القطر:289 ملمالسُمك: 40 ملم

وزن 15 كجم

القطر:336 ملمالسُمك: 45 ملم

وزن 20 كجم

القطر:394 ملمالسُمك: 45 ملم

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