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حذاء المشي الرياضي PW 160 Slip-On للرجال - أسود / برتقالي

السعر الاصلي:

سعر الخصم: 210.00 SAR

Special product, ابتكارات Special product, اصدار جديد Special product, مخفض قطع أخيرة إضفاء طابعك الشخصي صديقة للبيئة التوصيل في نفس اليوم

شحن مجاني عند تسوقك بقيمة $30أو أكثر

قام المصمم غيوم بتصميم هذا الحذاء للتجول الرياضي بين الحين والآخر.

حذاء مُصمم بدون أربطة لذا يسهل ارتداؤه.

اللون: اختر اللون

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سعر الخصم: 210.00 SAR

السعر الاصلي:

Product مميز

A photo of the حذاء المشي الرياضي PW 160 Slip-On للرجال - أسود / برتقالي in use


تجعل نتوءات فليكس أتش من النعل أكثر مرونة.

سهولة اللبس

يتميز الحذاء بنسيج مطاطي يجعل ارتداء/ خلع الحذاء سهلاً للغاية.

تصميم مناسب

يتكيف الحذاء مع شكل القدم بفضل تقنية سليب أون.

خفة الوزن

تجعل المواد خفيفة الوزن التجول الرياضي سهلاً: 220 جرام مقاس 8.5.


تضمن المناطق المطاطية الموجودة أسفل النعل ثباتًا جيدة على الأرض.

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حذاء المشي الرياضي PW 160 Slip-On للرجال - أسود / برتقالي
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Great products

Great pair of shoes . I came across this shoes whilst browsing the Decathlon site online . I immediately like it and ordered it . Great product , good quality , light , comfortable , put you at ease when walking. Thx

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Very comfortable

easy to get on and off, comfortable and surrport the foot well. Very happy with purchase

In step with health

Since purchasing my firs pair in June, I have walked over 1,120km in the course of my daily exercise walks. Not too bad for a 70 year old. And they are only now just showing signs of terminal wear. A great product and easy to slip on and off ( I hate the faff of lacing-up trainers). Will recommend to anyone serious about walking for exercise. Have just ordered two more pairs, just in case the cursed Covid disrupts the supply chain

Slip on walkers

Comfy shoes. I wear these to work and I am on my feet all day and they are good. They look ok too.

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Very light weight and super comfy

Excellent price for such a nice product, i really recommend this, easy to wear, and very light weight you almost dont feel it.

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Good for walking

Using more than 6 months.

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Excellent product

Super comfortable to walk in

icon-circle-checkmark تأكيد الشراء
Bit expensive

Shoes are perfect for lazy persons. Price is unnecessary high. Otherwise good product.

icon-circle-checkmark تأكيد الشراء
Very Poor Quality

The stuff had been broken in front within 2 months

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comfort ..

I am getting pain in my right leg thumb with these shoes. Otherwise the overall comfort level is fine. Shoe is not even tight..but is it due to over flexibility of the shoe? I don't know!! But it has not been a good experience for me.

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2Nd purchase of same product

Shoes very comfortable but limited range in this segment more designs needed

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Poor Quality

The shoes didn't even last 6 months. The pair is used by a 78 year old only for walking on normal flat road or path. The shoe upper is torn only with day to day use.

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Hello Sumeet,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking your time to write a review of our product. It is through constant reviews, that we are able to improve our products and cater to your needs more. 

I am so sorry that you had an unpleasant experience with our PW160 which is designed for comfortable walks. As per your review, I can understand you are not satisfied with the product, so I would like to invite you to your nearest store and check our wide range of walking shoes that has more comfort and cushioning. You can also claim an exchange or refund as all our products come with 2 years of warranty on pasting and stitchings.

If you require more assistance, you may contact me directly at I would be eager to hear more feedback about our walking range. 


Thank you, once again! Hope to see you in one of our stores soon :)

Excellent shoes

Excellent walking shoes.

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Really nice shoe within the price range

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لماذا ينبغي اختيار حذاء خاص للتجول الرياضي؟

كل رياضة لها حذائها! تتدحرج القدم بالكامل من الكعب إلى مرحلة الدفع بمقدمة القدم أثناء التجول الرياضي وهو الوقت الذي تنثني فيه القدم أكثر. يجب أن تكون أحذية التجول الرياضية مرنة للغاية لتُحرك قدمك بشكل مثالي. هذا هو السبب في أن نيوفيل جعلت المرونة هي أولى أهتماماتها!

ما هي تقنية flex-h؟

إن تقنية فليكس - إتش تحتوي على ثلاثة فتحات مرنة في نمط H الموجود في مقدمة القدم. هذا يعطي القدم المرونة التي تحتاجها لمرحلة التقدم.

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