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سعر الخصم: 89.00 SAR

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دواسات دراجة قابلة للطي
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Fit my Brompton B75 fine :smiling_face_with_closed_eyes:

Good for the price. Purchased as an upgrade for my Brompton B75, I wanted folding pedals rather than the fixed cheapy pedals supplied with my B75 Brompton. They are heavy but a fraction of the price of the Brompton equivalent.

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Cheap but viscous

Good value if you can’t afford anything more. But the hinge mechanism can catch things- loose clothing and worst of all the skin of your finger and tear a chunk out of it. Be careful

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Brilliant pedals

A must have for any bike.

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Folding pedals

All good...

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We live in an apartment which has a shared hallway. The folded up pedals reduce the space required and our neighbours are happy

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folding pedals

Rather heav, but easy to use and seem like they will be durable. 4 stars as they are heavy.

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Great cheap pedals

Great cheap pedals, grippy with normal trainers and in the wet. Not light but you wouldn't expect them to be at this price.

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working well

the pedals doing well..

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SUV or Stairs - Highly recommend it !

If your taking your bike for a leisure ride on weekend in your SUV or picking it up stairs to your home. This product is a must have for convenience, beautifully designed and very comfortable on riding too. Slightly heavy though but I really don’t mind.

Cheap Pedals

Good for transportation, but not so durable, my right pedal is already squeaking.


Thank you for taking the time out to review this product. We are glad to see that you are using the folding pedal for its intended usage. We would like to advise caution if you are placing any weight over the pedals for a prolonged period of time as this could lead to damage. We advise you to visit the closest Decathlon Store for an exchange or return if you believe the pedals to be damaged.  Hope this is helpful. have a good day!    


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Dear Syafiq, thank you for your time in rating our product. We are glad that we managed to delight you with the standards of our product. We have read through your comments and will take note of these points into improving ourselves to better satisfy your needs. Thank you once again for your time and we hope to serve you again soon!


Sport Advisor (Wheel)



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Dear Wong,

Thank you so much for this review.

We really appreciate you being a customer.

We’re here for you anytime.

You can discover more of our product offer on our website


Randy M.


One the more better products of BTWIN. Doesn't feel cheap despite it being made of plastic, unlike some in the market that feels like it'll break after several months of use. Overall, a really good value & looks like it'll last as long as my bike.

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solid pedal

my trifold bike pedal broke after 2 mths of use. Bought this as replacement as I had these on my BTWIN HOPTOWN 320 bifold, and it is still working well even after 3 yrs . Installed, tested solid

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No Fuss Pedal

Great Value, easy to install and use. No fuss. Happy with the purchase.

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