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مقعد C2 Gel Flow للدراجة - أسود

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سعر الخصم: 340.00 SAR

Special product, ابتكارات Special product, اصدار جديد Special product, مخفض قطع أخيرة إضفاء طابعك الشخصي صديقة للبيئة التوصيل في نفس اليوم

شحن مجاني عند تسوقك بقيمة $30أو أكثر

مُصمم لسائقي الدراجات الجبلية أو راكبي الدراجات على الطرق الذين يبحثون عن وزن خفيف ومستوى رائع من الراحة مع مقعد C2 Gel Flow .

تم تصميم سرج Italia C2 Gel Flow للأشخاص الذين يرغبون في الاستمتاع بركوبهم براحة أكبر بفضل ممتص الصدمات الذي يقلل الاهتزازات.

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سعر الخصم: 340.00 SAR

السعر الاصلي:

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الابعاد: 280 x 135 مم.

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مقعد C2 Gel Flow للدراجة - أسود
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Just what I needed

Went to buy this saddle on a whim as I was chafing badly with the last one. In 1 ride I was up 10w power and felt incredibly comfortable. Not sure I can say it’s the best saddle in the world but it’s made the world of difference to me and fits perfectly (I’m 6 foot, 78kg, average build)

Great Product

Used every other day for four years. 10,000 plus miles and still performing well


Not had it long but found in more comfortable than my old gel saddle.

C2 Gel Flow Saddle

Decided on a saddle change after 1200km on my original stock saddle. Should have changed this earlier, really comfy and will keep me on the bike for longer. Looks great on a black carbon frame, is light and easy to fit.

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Selle Italia c2

After reading loads of reviews about this saddle, I decided to purchase one to replace the standard saddle that came with my bike. After finding the perfect position for me, this saddle is extremely comfortable. The cut out in the middle helps with blood flow & stopped my undercarriage from going numb. Used mainly on a turbo trainer & on the road for 30 odd miles, this saddle is excellent. Decathlon prices are by far the cheapest price I could find.

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Selle Italia C2 flow bike saddle

Comfortable seat, good slimline shape. Has had 2 years mountain bike use, leather has rubbed away at both sides and rail has just broke. Will be replacing with the same saddle

Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow Saddle

This is an excellent product at a very competitive price. While the comfort of saddles is down to the individual I found this saddle to be very comfortable. It was bought to replace the standard saddle on the AF900 Btwin road bike, which was a little too hard for me. BTW the Btwin AF 900 road bike is also excellent

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Impressive saddle &

Really good value for money - have paid over £100 for a half-decent saddle in the past - but this compares well and is comfortable & a good quality.

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C2 selle italia

Upgraded seat as I was riding from London to Paris. Very impressed with the comfort of seat. It got through the 350miles.

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Great Value Comfortable Seat

Great purchase so far. I had been struggling on longer (over 100K) rides and this has proved an excellent replacement.

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C2 Gel Flow Saddle

A comfortable upgrade, very comfortable even for a long ride.

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Not so comfortable

I was looking for a more comfortable saddle on my Tricross. This one is no better than the original. I got it after reading the reviews.

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Saddles can be very personal objects and whilst one may suite a rider it may not suit another. If you're not comfortable with this item, please feel free to bring it back to your local store where they can issue a replacement if required.
Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
Very comfy saddle for long rides

I have tried several different saddles including the famous and well respected Charge Spoon, which was good but still left me numb after 15-20 miles. The C2 is superior, as well as being beautifully finished in genuine leather. As every experienced cyclist will tell you, saddles are a very personal thing and what works for one person may not work for another. However, I do think the C2 is an excellent choice and should be an improvement for most riders.

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Seriously painful, I'm sure others will find it fine but genuinely never hurt so much using a saddle, it looks much more padded online

Dear sir,
This is generally well perceived as a saddle and with good padded shorts, not too upright a riding position, the correct angle for the rider and regular riding it will suit many riders.  But as you rightly point out, comfort is subjective.
Here is a very interesting article which discusses saddle choice and comfort in more detail:
Have a go at adjusting your saddle and your riding position to see if this helps improve your comfort:
Failing everything, please feel free to return the saddle to us for an exchange for a saddle which may be more suited to your riding style and morphology.
Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
Bargain price saddle

I have this on my Triban 5, and also on my more expensive Giant carbon bike. Have been using this on both bikes for over 2 years and am very pleased with it. At this price it's an absolute bargain.

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