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دواسات كليبليس 520 لدراجات الطريق

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سعر الخصم: 225.00 SAR

Special product, ابتكارات Special product, اصدار جديد Special product, مخفض قطع أخيرة إضفاء طابعك الشخصي صديقة للبيئة التوصيل في نفس اليوم

شحن مجاني عند تسوقك بقيمة $30أو أكثر

طورت فرق تصميم الدراجات لدينا هذه الدواسة الكليبليس بسطح ممتاز ودعم مثالي للقدم لركوب الدراجة بشكل فعال.

تضمن دواسات 520 الكليبليس الراحة وقوة الدواسات مع وزن أخف من أي وقت مضى.

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سعر الخصم: 225.00 SAR

السعر الاصلي:

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صُممت هذه الدواسات للأحذية المزودة بـ 3 فتحات وكليتس من نوع triangle and Keo .

قابلية التعديل

مستوى الشد قابل للتعديل.


تأتي الدواسات مزودة بكليتس متوافقة مع Keo( بدرجة بروز 4.5 درجة)والبراغي اللازمة.


130 جم لكل دواسة أو 336 جم لكل زوج بما في ذلك البراغي.

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دواسات كليبليس 520 لدراجات الطريق
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Good pedal had them on my road bike for a while now they’re on my turbo bike and they’ve never missed a step ! !

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Happy with pedals. Well made & good price

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Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback, Glen.

Take care.


Sports Advisor (Customer Service)

Decathlon Wednesbury

Decathlon UK Limited. Company number: 03140144. VAT number: GB679262296.

Registered office: 9 Maritime Street, London, SE16 7FU.

Excellent value pedals

Good fonish and useful under cleat metal plate to prevent wear to rezon pedal body. Clips in snd put well. Esdy to adjust.

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Fantastic pedals

These are great value excellent quality pedals that are as good as my “premium priced” ones. Do yourself a favour and get these instead.

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Clipless Pedals

I have had to return two sets of these now as the spindles keep giving up. One of the pedals on both occasions has refused to spin freely meaning it is very difficult to clip in, as the weighted back part of the pedal won't drop to the bottom.

only had used the pedals 5 times !!

Had only been out on 5 rides, before the screws fell out of my right shoe. Leaving me to have to cycle home without the pedal in. Was really disappointed in the quality

Top kit

Good quality pedals. Just what I needed.

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Great...until the bearings failed

I bought a set of these in September and they're dead already. I ride quite a lot, but they've not done more than 4000km and the bearings in both pedals have worn and started squeaking already, with the pedal moving about on the axel (and not how it should move!) Since I can't see a service kit on sale it seems that they're now, essentially junk. It's a shame, because they've been great pedals while they worked!

Solid pedals

Good connection and easy to use

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Quality pedals

The quality of these pedals is great given the price. I'd put them between the Look Keo Classic 3 and Keo 2 max in terms of build quality and way better than Look's Keo Easy. The clear is identical to the Look cleat though the material used feels cheaper. Absolutely no issues with performance.

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Solid choice and much cheaper than Look equivalent

Outstanding for the price

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Good Quality & price

Good Quality & price

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Hi Nader,

Thank you for your review !

Hope you are enjoying your summer bike sessions :D

See you soon in our Décathlon store !



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Must buy

Good price nice quality

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Great pedals, incredible value

Perfect pedals for my road bike. I can't believe the price. It does exactly the same job than Shimano's for half the price...

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