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خوذة لدراجات تين الهوائية للأطفال

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سعر الخصم: 115.00 SAR

Special product, ابتكارات Special product, اصدار جديد Special product, مخفض قطع أخيرة إضفاء طابعك الشخصي صديقة للبيئة التوصيل في نفس اليوم

شحن مجاني عند تسوقك بقيمة $30أو أكثر

اركب بأمان! صممنا هذه الخوذة لحماية رؤوس الأطفال (من سن 4 إلى 15 عامًا) أثناء ركوب دراجات بي ام اكس أو ركوب الدراجات الجبلية.

"هل تريد الركوب بأناقة؟ توفر هذه الخوذة تغطية أكبر للرأس ويسهل ضبطها باستخدام قرص الضبط الخاص بها. مثالي للركوب على الطرق الحضرية! "

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سعر الخصم: 115.00 SAR

السعر الاصلي:

سعر الخصم:

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حماية من الصدمات

غطاء ABS ، متوافق مع معيار EN 1078 ، تغطية رأس ممتدة.

قابلية التعديل

قرص خلفي وأحزمة جانبية قابلة للتعديل مع فتحة بالخلف للشعر.


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خفة الوزن

الوزن: 340 جم مقاس S ،400 جم مقاس M

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خوذة لدراجات تين الهوائية للأطفال
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Good quality and fit

Seems good quality and my 4y/o like it.

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Good quality

Quality is fine, size is good fit

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Just perfect!

Perfect fit snd size

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very comfortable, looks great

Despite the name "teen cycling helmet", this helmet fits a 20 year old and i will use it for inline skating! (the description says its certified for "skating and skateboarding" due to its shape). I mention this because i did not find this helmet when i was looking at "inline skating protection" on this website, instead, i luckily stumbled across it in store My head circumference is about 53-54cm and i got a size small (52-55cm). This helmet fits me very comfortably due to the the adjustable dial at the back providing a snug (but not tight) fit. you want the helmet to not slide around on your head if you bump the edge, but you dont want it so tight that you feel pressure on your temples for example. Im so happy i found a helmet that fits me perfectly and the dial is so easy to use, its a great feature to adjust the size quickly. The chin strap is also easy to adjust I love the all black matte look too, with matching black straps. The shape looks great on the head and theres many air vents which some other helmets dont have. im very happy with this helmet A quick note i want to add: helmets can fit differently as everyone has a different head shape and size, so even though this helmet fits very well for me, it may not for you

Cycle helmet

They have great range of helmets and safety equipment for kids adults and all sports and great prices would recommend taking a trip into decathlon

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Does the job

Brought for my son as he had outgrown his previous helmet. The adjustable back means it fits just right and will do for a long time. My only niggle is that it was delivered in a huge box!

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Very helpful staff who looked afer us and showed us the correct way to check the helmets we borght were the right ones.

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perfect helmet

lightweight, easy to change the size

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Really good

Best helmet

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Great Helmet for cycling to school, quick delivery

My son had wrecked his expensive crash helmet, this was reasonably priced ,quickly delivered and most importantly, no complaints from teenager about wearing it, safe,light,comfy,neither too dorky or too cool..

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Good strong helmet, very happy with it

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Very good quality

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Not worth for money

The helmet is ordinary and but expensive

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Hello Suresh,

Thank you for your review. I see that you are not happy with the ventilation, the adjustability etc. The Teen helmet has 12 air vents and the strap at the chin is adjustable. The Helmet is also adjustable and can be done by rotating the knob at the back to suit different head sizes of children. The model also has an extended head coverage which helps in giving extra protection.

Please let me know where you are facing a problem with the helmet. I will help you with the right usage or find a solution based on your feedback.

Too heavy


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Additional معلومات المنتج



  • 100% أكريلونيتريل بوتادين ستايرين


  • 100% البولي يوريثين


  • 100% بوليوكسيميثيلين


  • 100% بولي ايثيلين

الحجم - تحويل مقاس الرأس

S: 52-55 سم؛ M: 55-59 سم


غلاف خارجي ABS

معيار en 1078

يتوافق مع المعيار EN 1078 لخوز ركوب الدراجات والتزلج على الجليد. EN1078 هو معيار أوروبي فيما يتعلق بأساليب الاختبار ومتطلبات خوذات "ركوب الدراجات والتزلج على الجليد".يغطي هذا المعيار الجوانب التالية: التكوين وبما في ذلك مجال الرؤية وخصائص امتصاص الصدمات وميزات نظام الاحتفاظ بما في ذلك حزام الذقن وأجهزة الشد ووضع العلامات والمعلومات.

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