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قفل بكابل للدراجة الهوائية - أسود

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سعر الخصم: 135.00 SAR

Special product, ابتكارات Special product, اصدار جديد Special product, مخفض قطع أخيرة إضفاء طابعك الشخصي صديقة للبيئة التوصيل في نفس اليوم

شحن مجاني عند تسوقك بقيمة $30أو أكثر

فام فريقنا بتطوير قفل الدراجات المزوَد بسلسلة لحماية دراجتك بربطها بأجسام ذات أشكال مختلفة.

قفل دراجة متوسط الحماية من السرقة مع الطول المناسب لحماية دراجتين معًا حول أجسام ذات قُطر واسع (مثل الأشجار والأعمدة والأسوار وغيرها)

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سعر الخصم: 135.00 SAR

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يستخدم لفترات لقصيرة.معدل الأمان: 5/10.وصلات ذات مقطع عرضي مقاس 6 مم


الطول المستخدم: 70 سم.مثالي لتأمين الإطار والعجلة عن طريق ربطها بشيء ثابت.

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850 جم

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قفل بكابل للدراجة الهوائية - أسود
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Good lenght to lock your bike anywhere

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It is faulty after 3 months use

Well it worked for three months, recently started being stuck every time I lock it with the keys, then I am there for almost 5 minutes trying to make it unstuck and it sucks, will have to buy a new one unfortunately.

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Stupid lock

Like everyone else said, I had to go hire a machine to break this stupid lock. That’s cost me more than this lock and wasted my time and day. I want my money back!


My second chain lock 500. Looks and works good when new but both started to jam, the second one only a few weeks after purchase. Returned it.

Good chain

Does the job

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Chain is good & sturdy but the lock is fiddly

Bought this last July and I didn't use my bike much. I locked the bike up in the garden under roof. A couple of months later, the key just wouldn't turn the lock anymore. I ended up having to use heavy duty metal cutter to cut the chain. The pick-proof lock was simply to fiddly. So now it became unusable and I had to buy a new lock.


Bought in October the bike has been locked away and hardly used, this lock is now stuck across two bikes. Mechanism is flimsy. Bolt croppers unable to release the bikes. AVOID!!


just right a little finicky to lock

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Difficult to lock and unlock

Bought this 6 months ago. The lock is very difficult to lock and unlock as the locking mechanism gets stuck. Would not recommend it.

I'm sorry to read that the lock is jammed. It's possible that some debris or grit may have entered the mechanism. Try a good few squirts of WD40  to clear it out  and try again. If the issue persists, please return it to us for a replacement item.
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
lock keeps jamming

mechanism seems loose, lock keeps jamming after 1 month. poor quality. chain could be longer.

Thank you for your feedback regarding this lock.
IF you are no satisfied with it, please return it to us for a refund or an exchange.
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
saved my bikes more than once

trust inspiring, just the right size, and not overly heavy, while providing adequate security - it has survived multiple attempts to steal my bike with no sign of damage or weakening!

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BTwin 500 chain lock

This chain lock does what it's supposed to well and has been most useful. My only niggle is the its short length, if it could have been six inches longer it would make the lock easier to tie to lampposts for instance. Other than that it's fine.

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Complicated to use

When close the lock you need to insert key. Most locks click in automaticly

Thank you for your feedback regarding this lock. I will forward this on to the team at B'twin who are in charge of this item.
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Bike chain lock

It is sturdy and safe though heavy, which is expected. I am satisfied with it.

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Bike chain

Doesn’t scratch my bike. A bit hard to do up. Doubled my security with a D lock tho because my bike Should remain mine.

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  • 100% فولاذ

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  • 100% البولي بروبلين

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  • 100% البوليستر


قفل دراجة مقاوم للكسر.يأتي مع 3 مفاتيح.

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يساعدك تصنيف الآمان الخاص بالقفل على اختيار القفل الأنسب لاستخدامك.لهذا السبب، حددت بتوين بروتوكول اختبار مع مختبر مستقل CNPP ، بناءً على تقنيات السرقة اليومية والحياتية.يسمح هذا البروتوكول الفريد بإعطاء كل قفل تصنيفًا مشابهًا من 0 إلى 10 يشير إلى مدى مقاومة السرقة. (10 ضد السرقة تمامًا)

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