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بنطلون تايتس مسامي للجري من KIPRUN DRY للرجال - أسود

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سعر الخصم: 190.00 SAR

Special product, ابتكارات Special product, اصدار جديد Special product, مخفض قطع أخيرة إضفاء طابعك الشخصي صديقة للبيئة التوصيل في نفس اليوم

شحن مجاني عند تسوقك بقيمة $30أو أكثر

طورت فرق تصميم الملابس الرياضية لدينا هذه البناطيل الرجالية المسامية للجري في الطقس البارد.

هل تبحث عن الراحة لموسم الربيع؟ مع نسيج مسامي وعدم وجود طبقات عند الحوض فإن هذه البناطيل مثالية للركض في درجة حرارة أقل من 15 درجة مئوية.

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سعر الخصم: 190.00 SAR

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بنطلون تايتس مسامي للجري من KIPRUN DRY للرجال - أسود
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Running Tights

Nice tights but the fit is poor and the stitching very rough resulting in painful rubbing. I would not buy these again.

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Good fit

Found it difficult to find running tights with an inside leg of 34" these fit great

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Perfect for cold weather

Wanted to keep running in the autumn and winter months. These have been perfect. The warm up is getting them on but they definitely keep you warm.

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Good fit

Nice light weight running tights

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Poor sizing

I received these today and after using decathlons sizing guide it was recommended that I purchase the Medium size, it made sense as I am only 5' 6" tall and weight 144lbs (10st 4lbs) there's literally nothing of me. Upon receiving them and trying them on they were so tight I could not even pull them all the way up they are so tight it's ridiculous, therefore I can't comment on the functionality of them at this time but I am returning them for the next size up even though I considered going 2 sizes up, but I wanted to put a review out there based on the size of them, it definitely needs to be looked at during production of future items.

Not bad but badly sized and cut

I'm at the "larger" end of my size and these seem very tight and lacking round the thighs and backside, meaning I'm always heaving them up mid run. Material seems good, pocket is too small to be useful though, and ankle zips designed for a ballerina and not a rugby players ankles. Shame.

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Very tight tights.

I'm a seasoned runner, 6' tall and of typical distance runner build and find these tights (32W 33leg) fit more like compression tights. They are true to size on the waist but very tight especially in the calf and around the knee. It's not too distracting while running but is more noticeable when sitting cross legged or stretching after a run. For the price they are nicely made but seem to be made with very slender legs in mind and I wish they had a little more give.

Excellent running tights

Another great running product from decathlon. Comfortable and well fitting running tights which have been great for cold running. Highly recommend!

Good, but a tight fit

The quality is good, but in my opinion they fit a bit too tight in the leg (feels like compression clothing rather than a skintight fit). I'd recommend sizing up.

Good, especially for the price.

A simple pair of comfortable run leggings that fit well, and have a convenient pocket for keys and / or a small smart phone (iPhone 6 only just fits). Great value!

Decent product but sizing is a bit iffy

Just a side note, this will NOT store your phone in the zip pocket. The Ad is extremely misleading and once I bought it, I instantly knew my phone wouldn't fit in there and was really disappointed by that. So unless you have a phone the size of a Swiss army knife, it's not going to fit in there Aside from that, this is genuinely a good product to get. Despite my waist being around 32, I got the 32 size and even though it takes time to put on, there is absolutely no resistance from wearing it. Recommend getting a size bigger to ensure putting on the product is smooth and easy. Great product (helps keep the fat in ,lol)


Too long in the leg, no shorter options.

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Hello Sean,

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback regarding the fit of this product. Unfortunately as it stands you are right in saying that this product does not come with a shorter leg length. That being said, I believe that in near future our product designers are also providing this legging with a 32 leg length.


Great running tights, no chaffing

These are better than similar tights that cost twice as much from big name brands. They are very snug, meaning they don't move or chafe at all while running. The fit is snug right down to the ankles, which can be loose on some brands. Full marks to Decathlon for designing these around men's real anatomy, without a seam in the centre. The construction means you get support where needed and no uncomfortable flopping to and fro while running.

Not great

It could just be an issue with sizing and, admittedly, I’ve never worn anything like this for running before but I thought that, though I chose the same waist size as my jeans, it was too tight, restrictive and being relatively short with a larger waist and torso, it was a complete size mismatch. I suppose I’d need to lose weight and be in quite good shape before I could wear anything like this. I got the 34 waist large and I’m 72kg and 5 ft 6inches. 34-35 inch waist, large thighs for my height (powerful legs). And I’ll need to return it. But this may be an issue that only I face due to my physical proportions.

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